My research focuses on combinatorial optimization problems in graphs or networks. I am particularly interested in:

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Submitted Papers

Refereed Journal Articles

  1. J. Zhang, H. Validi, A. Buchanan, I.V. Hicks. Linear-size formulations for connected planar graph partitioning and political districting. Optimization Letters, 18(1): 19-31, 2024. (link) (pdf) (code)
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  6. H. Validi, A. Buchanan, E. Lykhovyd. Imposing contiguity constraints in political districting models. Operations Research, 70(2): 867-892, 2022. (link) (pdf) (slides) (code) (video) Winner of the 2021 ICS Harvey J Greenberg Research Award
  7. V. Stozhkov, A. Buchanan, S. Butenko, V. Boginski. Continuous cubic formulations for cluster detection problems in networks. Mathematical Programming, 196, 279-307, 2022. (link) (pdf)
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