I blog at Farkas’ Dilemma. You can find me on Q&A sites like OR StackExchangeOR-Exchange, and Theoretical CS StackExchange. There’s also Google ScholarLinkedinGitHub, YouTube, Mastodon, and Twitter. Until recently, I was a leaf in the math genealogy tree. My Erdős number is three. I have a rock musician network hanging in my office.

Here are some tips for PhD students (pdf) that I wrote.

Every now and then, I come across an excellent piece of scientific writing that I feel the need to share:

Cole Smith has a great collection of writing tips and style guidelines. I’ve also written some LaTeX tips based on my own preferences:

On my GitHub page, I have posted several Python demos:

Solving problems on Project Euler is a great way to learn a (new) programming language. Ryo Kimura developed a solid collection of computational OR materials. Here is my collection of redistricting resources from an OR perspective.